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Our commitment

Veritas is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with a fast and discreet reply. We try to be responsive to what is often the entrepreneur's greatest need - a sensitive ear - before and after our investment is made.

While we attempt to add value to our portfolio companies in all facets of their development, we believe that the most valuable input we provide to entrepreneurs is listening to them and accompanying them in what can be a lonely climb to the top.

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How does Veritas add value?

We work closely with the senior management of the young, growth-oriented companies in which we invest. Veritas is actively involved in:

  • Developing novel business concepts and plans together with the entrepreneurs.
  • Assisting in the construction of complete, balanced management teams and professional staff for young companies.
  • Testing of new products and marketing concepts in target markets, for the benefit of the entrepreneurs and for our own due-diligence purposes.
  • Typically playing the role of lead investor, structuring the investment package and syndicating the investment to other professional investors for co-investment. We lead, rather than follow.
  • Establishing adequate financial and other managerial procedures within the entrepreneurial company in preparation for fast growth with international horizons.
  • Opening doors for entrepreneurs with prospective clients, strategic partners consultants and investors internationally.
  • Forming and executing business strategies throughout the evolution of entrepreneurial companies.
  • Creating investment realization channels for shareholders, entrepreneurs and investors alike, primarily via public offerings in the US, or through acquisitions.
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What types of businesses does Veritas invest in?

We are particularly interested in ventures led by exceptionally qualified entrepreneurs, seeking to compete in the world's most sophisticated, high-growth markets, with products and services that are based on innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. Veritas has invested in companies in diverse technology fields, although our current focus is in Internet, network communications and healthcare.

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At what stage does Veritas invest?

We almost always begin our involvement with a company at the very earliest stages - which can be as early as the initial business planing stages.

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What is the typical size of our investment?

No initial investment is too small for Veritas. We focus on the business opportunity rather than on "putting money to work". Our goal is to build high-quality companies that have the potential to become leaders in their industry. Our own cumulative investment in a company typically reaches several millions of dollars, and we often invite other, professional investors to join us with additional capital.

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What percentage holding does Veritas aim for?

We do not believe in the concept of "control" achieved through equity ownership, and prefer to focus on coaching and mentoring our companies, and providing them with added-value. Therefore, we do not have fixed rules about our level of ownership in a company; this is, rather, a function of market forces, the size of our investment, and the company's progress.

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What is Veritas's exit policy?

Veritas builds successful companies that tend to generate good exit opportunities - in the form of a public offering, trade sale or merger. As early-stage investors, we anticipate a realistic investment horizon per company of four to six years.

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How to approach us

Entrepreneurs are most welcome to contact us, preferably with a brief written description of their proposed business and the market opportunity it addresses, as well as introductory information about themselves. We do not necessarily require a business plan up-front. Rather, we expect to see a clear statement of goals, a high level of commitment to them by the entrepreneur(s), and a desire to collect input from the target market and be responsive to it.

It is the quality of the people and the business concept, not the length of the business plan that matters. We are not concerned with formalities and we do not have a checklist of items the entrepreneur needs to cover initially. We do believe that a good business plan should be concise, and that the entrepreneur should be willing to stand behind what he or she writes. Above all, we focus on the entrepreneur's personal qualities, and on the size and nature of the business opportunity.

Please feel free to e-mail the Israel office or the US office a short description of your venture
or submit your business plan online.

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