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WebLayers Extends IT Governance for IBM WebSphere MQ

Date: Tuesday, February 02, 2010   /   Company: Weblayers

WebLayers, Inc. announced new IT governance software for IBM WebSphere MQ, the market leading messaging middleware.

ebizQ received the following:

Complementing the IBM WebSphere middleware portfolio, the WebLayers distributed governors for IBM WebSphere MQ ensure that configuration and deployment of customers’ messaging infrastructures are in accordance with established guidelines and best practices. This helps customers more easily adhere to IT policies as well as security and regulatory compliance mandates.

The new governors from WebLayers scan the IBM WebSphere MQ Queue Managers and related queues to better ensure that they are in compliance. This is achieved through IT governance that enables users to gain a more comprehensive view of the way that the queue manager was configured and to mitigate potential risks before they expose the infrastructure to vulnerabilities such as security breaches or inaccurate data transmissions.

As a long-standing IBM Business Partner, WebLayers has developed an extensive library of policies dedicated to IBM middleware including more than 90 IBM WebSphere MQ policies that can also be extended throughout the infrastructure to include external third parties as well as mainframe environments. More specifically, the new WebLayers software for IBM WebSphere MQ comes with out-of-the-box policies for deploying WebSphere MQ Queue Managers, Transmission Queues, Channels and Messages. Additional features include the ability to create custom policies, validate existing services, and capture and display metrics related to design time flaws and policy violations using sophisticated data analytics.

“It’s no secret that IBM WebSphere MQ is the preferred messaging middleware that dominates the financial services sector based on its ability to provide secure, guaranteed delivery of messages regardless of the size and complexity of the infrastructure,” said Jeff Papows, president and CEO, WebLayers. “To help IBM maintain and extend this position, WebLayers will continue to commit resources in the best interest of customers who want to fortify their IBM-based middleware through the value that automated governance delivers in cost savings and software development efficiencies.”

WebLayers software recognizes potential policy violations prior, during or post deployment to diffuse potential production issues. This helps customers proactively halt the proliferation of erroneous configurations that can compromise the integrity of IBM WebSphere MQ transactions and expose customers to risk.

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