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TeraSea Launches FronTera Family of Transponders at OFC/NFOEC 2005

Date: Tuesday, March 08, 2005   /   Company: Frontera

Allows Zero to 200km Transmission without

Dispersion Compensation


March 8, 2005 Anaheim, CA, OFC Booth #2686 TeraSea Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of top-end, carrier-grade optical subsystems for the communication industry, today launched FronTera, an advanced 10Gbit/s family of transponders for SONET/SDH, DWDM, 10GbE and Fiber channel systems.  This advanced technology enables zero to 200 km transmission without dispersion compensation, over the existing fiber infrastructure, allowing service providers a simple network upgrade with the highest transponder performance.

Based on TeraSea's breakthrough FTDB™ technology enabling the design of 10 Gb/s, FronTera transponders can reach over 200 km transmission without dispersion compensation.  The transponders enable smooth network upgrades from 2.5Gb/s to 10Gb/s, easy and flexible network design, rings consolidation and network coverage expansion, while also benefiting the network operator with lower CapEx and OpEx, thus significantly reducing the life cycle cost and total cost of ownership.


The FT2010 and FT3010 transponders are bit-rate independent and support all applications such as SONET/SDH, DWDM, 10GbE and fiber channels.  They are 300 pin MSA standard-compatible, have a higher range without additional network elements (DCM), and are compatible with existing NRZ transponders.  These high-quality devices ensure reliable operation, while meeting the demands of the Telecordia/Bellcore GR-253-CORE, ITU-T G.691 G.692.


"TeraSea is proud to present the innovative technology that will allow the communication service providers to leverage existing infrastructures and enjoy more than twice the range of other transponders, while overcoming their main obstacle of chromatic dispersion limitations”, said Haim Laufer, TeraSea's VP Marketing and Sales.  “FronTera transponders enable easy, flexible, and economic network upgrading.  We are now sampling to customers, and will be demonstrating our technology in our booth at OFC."

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