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ClickFox Receives Best Product Award from AVIOS at SpeechTEK ‘05 Industry Conference

Date: Monday, March 21, 2005   /   Company: ClickFox

ClickFox Receives Best Product Award from AVIOS

at SpeechTEK ‘05 Industry Conference

Customer Behavior Intelligence Software Wins Third Award

for Innovative Technology in Three Months

ATLANTA --ClickFox,a software company focused on delivering patent-pending

technology that analyzes human behavior in self-service environments,announced today

that they were awarded the “Best Monitoring and Evaluation Tool for Call Centers”from

AVIOS,the Applied Voice Input/Output Society during the SpeechTEK ’05 Industry

Conference."Each year AVIOS bestows its ‘Best of AVIOS’awards on companies that

have demonstrated excellence and innovation in voice technology,stated Mark

Randolph,an AVIOS board member.ClickFox has a unique solution that analyzes

customer behavior to improve both the customer experience and the ROI for the

companies that use this solution."

“We are very honored to receive this award from AVIOS,”said Tal Cohen,president and

co-founder of Clickfox.“To be chosen as one of the top products from the approximately

fifty technologies exhibited at SpeechTEK is very exciting.This award further validates

that the speech technology community sees the value in what we do.”

ClickFox also announced earlier in the year that it received product-of-the-year and

innovation awards from Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine and the Technology

Association of Georgia.

ClickFox is a pioneer in Customer Behavior Intelligence.Its solution enables

organizations to see how their customers actually interact in and across a variety self-service

systems,including interactive voice response and speech recognition,Web

applications,CRM/agent desktops and interactive kiosks.By creating a visual map of the

structure of the system or set of systems and overlaying it with the customer interactions,

ClickFox quickly pin-points bottlenecks in transactional flow,identifies causes of costly

drop-offs to live agents,and uncovers opportunities for extending automation to cost-saving

or revenue-producing tasks.The ClickFox suite of products includes:

ClickFox-IVR:Behavior Analysis and Modeling of Voice and Speech Self-Service


ClickFox-WEB:Behavior Analysis and Modeling of E-Commerce Self-Service


ClickFox-Cross Channel:Behavior Analysis and Modeling of Multiple Self-Service

Channels Voice/IVR;E-Commerce;Kiosk,CRM Environments.

AVIOS is a 23-year-old,not-for-profit professional membership organization founded as

the American Voice Input/Output Society,with the name later changed to reflect growing

international participation.For much of this time,the AVIOS annual conference was the

only forum dedicated to practical applications of advanced speech technology (going

beyond basic research).The conference has matured into AVIOS-SpeechTEK Spring

though a partnership with AmComm.

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