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Bamboo Announces Standards-based Multicast/Broadcast Platform

Date: Monday, February 14, 2005   /   Company: Bamboo

BlueFountain Supports Streaming and Messaging Modes


CANNES, France, February 14, 2005 - Bamboo MediaCasting, a pioneer of cellular multicast technology, will extend its BlueFountain line of multicast delivery solutions to work with standard 3GPP multicast-based delivery methods (MBMS). Bamboo's BlueFountain Media Delivery Platform (MDP) is a Broadcast/Multicast Service Center (BM-SC) providing service control and content delivery functions for multicast and broadcast –based content distribution.


Currently, cellular networks allocate radio channels using a one-to-one, session-based paradigm not suitable for mass distribution of rich content. BlueFountain uses multicast and broadcast transmissions in which numerous mobiles receive the same data over common radio and network resources thus promising a high quality service with substantially lower transmission costs.


Multicast transmission is ideal for mobile services that deliver video and other large data payloads to large subscriber groups – a single data channel can service any number of subscribers. Such revenue-generating mobile media services are expected to grow in importance as they become commonly available and easy to use. Multicasting lets operators host these applications on attractive terms – supporting mass markets with negligible impact on network resource usage.


"This builds naturally on our deep involvement in the standards process for multicasting in Release 6 networks," says Meir Fuchs, Bamboo's Chief Technology Officer. "Our existing BlueFountain platform – which enables multicast transmission in current cellular networks - closely follows the interaction specified in the new standard. Our practical experience with live multicasting gives us a head start in creating a first-grade BM-SC platform solution, answering market needs"


Streaming and Messaging Modes of Operation


One of the practical insights Bamboo gained from its pre-standard multicast implementation is the importance of message-and-cache modes of operation. "There is a lot of focus on streaming, but the TV model applies to just a fraction of the services that BM-SC functionality makes possible," says Jonathan Lison, Bamboo's Vice President for Business Development. "Our live network trials in European markets have shown that users often prefer concise video clips, giving them targeted and high-quality media applications in the mobile format."


Access Network Independence


The BlueFountain MDP will control multicast and broadcast transmission in Release 6 networks that support MBMS standards – but Mr. Fuchs stresses that the BlueFountain BM-SC is designed for access network independence. "The core MDP functionality and the logic of content distribution can be implemented in an access independent way" says Fuchs. "This makes for a very flexible solution that can operate across mixed networks which are expected in the future"


A Comprehensive Solution


The BlueFountain solution provides a complete solution for multicast and broadcast-based content delivery. The BlueFountain MDP is used to control, schedule, and manage the multicast/broadcast, and to efficiently and quickly distribute content across the cellular network. Together with Bamboo's SilverStripe mobile media application platform, operators can easily construct an end-to-end solution for mobile media service support.

For more information, contact:

Thom Rosing, Business Development Liaison

tel: +972-9-746 4676 ext. 100

fax: +972-9-746 4674

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