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Following are brief descriptions of some of the companies
in which Veritas has invested in recent years.

Accord Networks Ltd. (now Polycom, Inc)

Atlanta, GA and Petach-Tikvah, Israel

Accord provided advanced Multipoint Control Units ("MCU's") - switching hubs which enable live audio, visual and data communications between multiple, diverse video-conferencing terminals, and are aimed at the high-end of the market: video-conferencing service-providers and large corporate networks.

Veritas seeded a new company in 1995, that later merged with another seed-stage venture to form Accord, in which Veritas continued to invest. Advanced Technology Ventures, Concord Venture Management and SVM Star Ventures were among our co-investors in Accord.

Accord went public in June 2000 (NASDAQ: ACCD), and was subsequently acquired by Polycom, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLCM).
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ART Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc (now Nuance Inc)

Los Angeles, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel

ART provides handwriting-recognition and voice-activation software products for mass-communication devices. The company's advanced recognizers, capable of running on low-level processors, excel at maximizing limited computer resources. ART's clients include, among others, manufacturers of cellular-phones, Internet-access devices, palm-held devices and automobiles.

Veritas led the Company's seed round, which Hambrecht & Quist's venture fund joined. Veritas continued to lead subsequent rounds of financing in the Company.

ART was acquired by ScanSoft (later acquired by Nuance NASDAQ: NUAN) in 2005.
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Asankya Inc.

Atlanta GA

Asankya offers a revolutionary approach to delivering real-time content. Using a breakthrough technique for transporting packets over multiple network paths, it enables delivery of real-time content consistently and at a high quality over the Internet.

Asankya's market leading technology transports real-time content of any type, from live streaming to interactive entertainment. Asankya vastly improves streaming quality and download speed - working in concert with or in place of content distribution network (CDN) services.

Asankya’s core technology was developed at Georgia Tech, commercialized by its VentureLab commercialization program, and incubated at the ATDC incubator affiliated with Georgia Tech.
Veritas is Asankya’s lead seed-stage investor.
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Bamboo MediaCasting Inc. (now Runcom)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Bamboo’s SilverStripe platform is a complete and scalable end-to-end mobile media solution enabling network operators, service providers and content providers to deliver to their users an effortless, dynamic mobile entertainment experience. Delivering regularly refreshed, full track, rich-media content through self-selected channels, SilverStripe can add highly-targeted advertising pushed to the subscriber’s phone and stored on its memory. Subscribers enjoy convenient access, independent of network availability, anytime, anywhere.

Bamboo’s solutions are entering service with leading mobile carriers and content providers in Europe and Asia.

Bamboo was acquired by Runcom during 2008.
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CableMatrix Inc. (now Sandvine, Inc)

Jerusalem, Israel

CableMatrix provides bandwidth management and quality of service solutions to enable broadband service providers to offer their subscribers advanced multimedia services and extract greater efficiency and capacity from their existing network infrastructure.

Veritas led the Company's seed financing round in 2004 together with Walden, Enertech Capital and Intel Capital. CableMatrix was acquired by Sandvine (TSX: SVC) in 2007.
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Class Data Systems Israel Ltd. (now Cisco Systems, Inc.)

Ra'anana, Israel

Class Data Systems develops software for bandwidth management for organizations using the Internet, Intranets and other dedicated networks. The company was acquired by Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) in 1998.

Veritas co-led the Company's seed round with Euro-America in 1996, and helped the founder establish the venture in Israel upon returning from Silicon Valley.

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fring™ is an award-winning mobile internet community and communication service that allows friends to connect, share experiences and enhance their communities together using the internet capability of their mobile device. They do this using a combination of proprietary fring utilities and the internet’s most popular social and community applications including Skype, MSN, Facebook, GoogleTalk, Twitter, Yahoo! AIM, ICQ, Orkut, þfring users interact with friends from all of their social communities via their personal fringFriends list - an interactive, dynamic, contact list of online friends, unified in one place, and enriched with real-time presence indication.

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Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.

Petach Tikva, Israel and McLean, VA

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. is a global leader in VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite communications technology, manufacturing and service. The Company provides end-to-end telecommunications and data networking solutions to customers across six continents. Gilat went public in the US in early 1993 (NASDAQ: GILTF).

Veritas and its affiliated fund, Athena Venture Partners, led both of Gilat's venture rounds, in which Discount Investment Corp. co-invested. Veritas exited from the company in 1997.

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Trivnet Ltd.

Shfayim, Israel

Trivnet enables payment and commercial services offered by operators and service providers, allowing a rapid rollout of profitable offerings with a minimal investment.

Trivnet's platform supports multiple types of interactive transactions such as: mobile airtime distribution, electronic top-up, fund remittances, mobile payments and eCommerce, across all networks and access methods.

Veritas led Trivnet's first round in 1998 and co-led its second round in 1999. SVM Star Ventures, Euro-America, Viventures, Magnum Communications Fund, Singapore Telecom and CDIB are our co-investors in the Company.
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Enterprise Software
ClickFox Inc.

Atlanta, GA

ClickFox is the pioneer in providing Customer Behavior Intelligence (CBI) software and services to Fortune 1000 companies.

ClickFox’s patented, proven software enables companies to transform existing customer data into true, objective insight by showing customers’ step-by-step behavior within interactive systems and across the enterprise.

Only ClickFox can translate interactions from multiple service touchpoints into an intuitive, visual map, revealing quickly and easily what customers actually do and why, so that companies can align customer needs with their business objectives.

ClickFox’s solutions are in service at several Fortune 1000 enterprises where they drive increased customer satisfaction and rapid financial ROI.
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Guardium Inc. - now IBM (Nasdaq: IBM)

Waltham, MA

Guardium, Inc., ( provides enterprise-class database security solutions that offer unprecedented visibility and control for access activities in Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Sybase environments. The non-intrusive, robust applications address concerns such as security assessment, access policy control, auditing, and regulatory compliance (e.g., SOX, GLBA, and HIPPA). Guardium’s growing global customer base includes technically advanced organizations representing a wide range of industries. Financial services, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, healthcare, and government organizations trust Guardium’s solutions to protect their mission critical data.

Veritas co-led the industrial spin-out and seed round during 2002.
Guardium was acquired by IBM during 2009

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Ubique Ltd. (now IBM)

Rehovot, Israel

Ubique developed software products for multimedia communication between people, through co-presence in "virtual places" on the Internet.

Veritas led Ubique's seed round in 1994 when its founder left academia to initiate the Company. Euro-America was our co-investor.

Ubique was acquired by America Online (NYSE:TWX) in 1995. America Online sold Ubique to IBM (NYSE: IBM) in 1998.
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WebLayers Inc.

Cambridge, MA

WebLayers' mission is to become a leading provider of IT Governance Solutions. WebLayers Center™ is an enterprise software platform that enables Governance, Conformance and Design Optimization of XML, Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture.

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Lumenis (Formerly ESC Medical Systems Ltd.)

Yokne'am, Israel and Boston, MA

Lumenis develops, manufactures and markets electro-optical medical and cosmetic instruments. The company's current products are used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to non-invasively remove vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and unwanted hair, and to treat skin cancer. Lumenis went public in the US in early 1996, when it was still called ESC Medical Systems (NASDAQ: LUME).

Veritas helped define Lumenis’s (then ESC) business plan and assemble the Company's US/Israel-based founding team, and then led the Company's seed round with Medmax Ventures. Veritas exited from the company in 1997.
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UltraSPECT Ltd.

Haifa, Israel

UltraSPECT has developed and is marketing a product line aimed at improving the resolution, and reducing the acquisition time, of nuclear medical imaging. Main target applications are in cardiology and oncology.

UltraSPECT's products are add-on's to nuclear cameras, and are designed to enhance clinical benefit and economic payback. The Company began operating in early 2000, out of the TECHNION incubator in Haifa, Israel.
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Escape Rescue Systems Ltd.


Escape has developed and is marketing a proprietary system to be used in emergency evacuations of high-rise buildings, when internal means – i.e. elevators and stairs - are inaccessible. The system can be used both to evacuate hundreds of people from a building, and to provide access to the building, to fire and medical rescue personnel. Escape’s system is designed to enable people to begin evacuating a distressed building within the critical first minutes following the catastrophic event (fire, terror attack, etc).
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sShip-4U (now Siemens AG)

Netanya, Israel

eShip-4u, developed a new, revolutionary concept that streamlines Last Mile deliveries (First Mile - pick-ups). Through networks of (patent pending) Automatic Delivery Machines, (ADMs) and centrally controlled customer web base interface, installed at e-commerce sites & m-portals, eShip-4u encourages Package carriers to reduce significantly delivery and pick-up costs at residential and small to medium size business areas.

eShip-4u was acquired by Siemens (NYSE: SI) in 2003.

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M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. (now Sandisc Inc.)

Tel Aviv, Israel and Santa Clara, CA

M-Systems develops, manufactures and markets solid-state memory subsystems and software for computers and computerized systems. The company's products are based on Flash Memory devices. M-Systems went public in the US in early 1993 (NASDAQ: FLSHF) and was acquired by Sandisk in 2006.

Veritas led M-Systems' first round of financing, as well as a private placement after the company's NASDAQ IPO.
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